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Village of Palmetto Bay Public Records Guidance

Palmetto Bay Gala

Miami Herald 9/18/12

Miami Herald 9/28/12

Miami Herald 8/31/12

DBR PAC sues Village of Palmetto Bay 

Miami Herald 8/28/12 

Miami Herald 8/30/12 Article #1

Miami Herald 8/30/12 Article #2


South Dade Matters: Neighborhood Protection

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While at the helm of the Palmetto Bay Village Council they have:

  • wasted hundreds of thousands if not millions of taxpayer’s money in frivolous litigation;
  • allowed legal appeals to be “an exercise in superfluousness and futility” with eight appellate appearances, including the two Third District rulings;
  • acted with Willful Disobedience of a Court Order;
  • ignored the majority of their constituent’s opinions while serving only special interest groups instead; 
  • have approved the expenditure of 2.3 million dollars of Village reserves (saving) for the fiscal year 2012-2013 budget;
  • during their tenure have reduced the overall Village reserves from 18 million to 8 million due to wasteful spending and;
  • placed a moratorium on construction and expansion of churches and educational institutions.

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